“Time Management,” Persimmon Tree, Fall, 2017. 

“Hawaii,” Solstice Literary Magazine, Summer, 2017. An unlikely meeting, about grief, between an HVAC repairman and the narrator.

The Long Shower," Persimmon Tree, Spring, 2017. The old frustrate the less old, but the less old frustrate the very old at least as much. A mother shouldn’t be expected, always and forever, to cater to her children

“Success,” SleetVol 8, 1, 2016. When does a mother consider her child a success? 

“Choice,” “Day Planner,” and “Generosity,” Sleet, Vol 6, 1, 2013. 3 flash fictions, one about a food thief.

Ghost,” Sleet, "Sleet Eats,"Vol 5, 2.5, 2013. Flash. Who’s in charge here?

“Strategic Allocation of Attention,Solstice Literary Magazine, Fall/Winter, 2013. "The social fabric was disintegrating - the young showed extreme cleavage at work, drove like maniacs and talked so fast you couldn’t understand them, while the old wore baggy jeans, drove when they couldn’t see, and complained in public about the young. Everyone was  putting their fingers in their mouths. Was it Michael Pollan’s fault?”  

Mahnmal,” Best Travel Writing, Travelers Tales, 2012. Essay on an Ipod walking tour through Gusen, a former Austrian concentration camp, now a middle-class housing development. Walking alone, one listens to interviews with camp survivors, guards, and former and current residents in Gusen. First published in Redwood Coast Review, Winter 2009 as “Echoes and Shadows, A Walking Tour through a Haunted Town in Austria”  (Scroll down.)

“Had They Learned about Jayne Mansfield?” Solstice Literary Magazine, Winter, 2011. A Julie Hecht-type narrator laments the surge of movies about serial killers and wonders if the trend is connected with the current fad for high-cost weddings. Why is everyone getting married when she hasn’t found love? 

“4 Containments,”  Four short shorts on illness and grief.

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Publications not available on web: 

“Big Basin or Two Reasons for Couple Therapy”: Minnesota Magazine, Jan.-Feb., 2009. Reluctantly, a woman goes hiking in winter rain with her boyfriend. “I was sure we needed therapy. Certainly I have faults – although not many – but the night before we left for a long weekend, I lay in bed concentrating on his. I didn’t know when, but sometime during our three-day weekend I knew he would give me the opportunity to point them out.”

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